Brewing Passion
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The advantages of our beer

Here are some of advantages of our beer:
1. We produce beer in a classic way without the use of accelerating technologies that allow producing beer in 10-15 days. So the whole process of beer production, depending on its type, lasts for 28-49 days. Classical technology is the most costly production, but only this technology allows brewing a natural beer with a traditional taste.
2. Our beer is a natural unpasteurized drink that was not heat-treated. That’s exactly why it contains a significant amount of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

3. In brewing we do not use chemical additives (stabilizers, conserving agents, powders, heading agents). Stabilizers remove from beer a number of protein and polyphenolic substances which determine its specific palatefullness and antioxidant properties. Addition of heading agents affect the taste of beer, and the overdosing can affect the health of consumers. The use of conserving agents in brewing is considered unacceptable. Therefore our beer is “ live ” and has a limited shelf life.
4. Our beer is brewed in strict accordance with the “German Purity Law of Brewing d/d 1516”, which states that the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer are water, malt and hops. Only carefully selected calibrated malt and pure artesian water can be the ingredients of our beer.

5. We don’t use Genetically Modified Grains (GMO) such as corn etc. or other GMO products, maltose or dextrose syrup. No GMO !
6. The concentration of alcohol contained in our beer allows achieving the anti-stress effect and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease apparition. The obvious advantages of our beer cause the quick growth of its popularity among consumers. Sale of draft beer will be successful when it is our “ live ” beer!
It should be borne in mind that the “live” beer retains its original flavor only under optimal storage conditions: in a dark room at a temperature of 5-12 ° C.

Our Vision and Values
Our vision

Our vision is to be a leader in brewing an organic and natural beer.

Our values

Our core values are based on creating a culture driven by being the best in brewing beer naturally.
Maintaining our heritage while keeping an eye on the future.


Beer and health

Historically, beer has not only been drunk for pleasure, but it is also said to have healing qualities. Today science has confirmed the truth of this. In principle beer is nothing other than a medicinal herbal mixture. As a result of the Reinheitsgebot, beer in Germany was only made with hops, barley and malt, which are known to contain numerous healthy elements. The positive qualities in beer are mainly a result of the fermentation and bitters extracted from the hops and malt.


Our team

Well, he told. – What about us joined together in a team? Whatever we take up, everything appears to be so splendid!
– What will we begin from?
– Let’s drink beer!

Haruki Murakami, ‘Hear the Wind Sing’