We enjoy brewing good beer
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Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be a leader in brewing an organic and natural beer.


Our core values are based on creating a culture driven by being the best in brewing beer naturally.

Maintaining our heritage while keeping an eye on the future.

Keeping traditions alive is not just a question of age, but also a question of attitude. Beermaster does not have to answer to the demands of the profit, but can focus instead on the satisfaction of our customers. We are a regional brewery with a responsibility to the local community: Be it in our capacity as an employer, supporting the regional economy or as a guardian of the genuine brewing tradition, keeping alive the various regional beer specialties.

We are independent, honest and ethical.

We are a privately J.S.C. owned company and act independently.
It is not the stock price that influences our actions, but customer satisfaction.

We value high quality.

Quality begins with hops and malt. We only use high quality hops and malts. The water we use in brewing comes from our 180 meter deep mineral water well. Our special ingredient is our own strain of yeast, developed exclusively for BEERMASTER BREWERY, propagated by state of the art equipment in our yeast cellar.

We have personal responsibility and care.

We have a responsibility to the people of our region; as an employer, a promoter of the regional economy and as upholders of genuine brewing tradition.

We learn, innovate and grow to meet our customers’ needs.

We brew a variety of beers for all tastes. Our many types of beer and beer specialties allow you to experience a variety of beers fresh from the brewery all year round.


Our Team
Well, he told. – What about us joined together in a team? Whatever we take up, everything appears to be so splendid!
– What will we begin from?
– Let’s drink beer!

Haruki Murakami, ‘Hear the Wind Sing’

Vitalie Cumurciuc

Chief Manufacturing

“When you are passionate for something you basically let it envelope you. I tell my brewers, my assistant brewers, we make a beer to tell a story”.

Igor Stratulat

Filtration Operator

“We do not make beer, we just get all the ingredients together and let the yeast to make the beer”.

Alexandru Rarancian

Filtration Operator

“To me, it’s not about being creative. It is about making something that tastes great. I think a lot of these guys are enamored with sensationalism and creativity and they are not worried about what it tastes like”.

Ilie Turcu

Fermentation Operator

“I want to bring new flavors to the craft brewing audience-people that want to drink unique beer. I want to demonstrate what the barrel does to a particular base beer”.

Paul Chircă

Еngineer Тechnologist

“Our Czech friends felt it was their obligation to teach me about what beer really is… Everybody new that Moldavians have no idea what good beer was”.

Ștefan Pospolachi

Sales Manager

“One of my favorite things has always been being tied in locally. Where you live, where you brew-that is why I have chosen to work a “BEERMASTER” brewery. For us, it was best to be rooted in the community and have everything contained kind of locally”.

Zdenek Subrt

Czech brewer

‘As I have worked in many countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, I can tell that beer there is produced in compliance with the similar technology, they do also rely on the same All-Union State Standards. In Russia and other countries of Commonwealth of Independent States the brewing technology is allowed with the usage of syrups, high-maltose and dextrose that contains a lot of sugar. Such a technology is profitable for the producer. With its help the beer is brewed quite cheaper and quicker, however, the product received becomes not a beer at all (which, actually, should get only hop, malt, water, and ferments) but beer beverage. Unfortunately, the latest hits its consumer directly in the liver.
I would like to make emphasis that I have come here not to make ‘beer-containing beverages’ but to make a beer similar to the one done in Czech Republic. The beer brewed by me is different from the beer beverages that possess a sweet and empty finish from the usage of high-maltose and other replacers. I believe in beer in Moldova as well as in Czech and I do also possess hard-working mood, honesty, and truth. They say in Czech Republic that ‘hop is the spirit of beer’. My beer has a European taste with the typical hop bitter. Czech citizens say that such a beer has a soul’.

Iurie Pîntea

commercial director

‘Our beer is alive, this is what is about. Do not call it a “product”. Call it beer!’

Tatiana Mehodueva

Operator Filtrare

“Este mult romantism în a produce bere pentru pub-urile de bere, dar la fel este o parte romantică să-ți produci berea atunci când o vezi că ajunge la mult mai mulți oameni și merge mult mai departe decât ți-ai fi imaginat”.