Hop, malt, water and love
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The bases of the traditional Czech beer are three ingredients – malt, water and hops. For brewing our Bochkovoe” alive” beer, we use strictly only Czech ingredients. We do not use any synthetic ingredients or additives as they have no place in a good Czech lager.


Our beer is brewed with truth, accordingly to the Czech technology. That why we use only the best Czech malt made ​​from Czech barley. Malt gives the beer its characteristic golden color and fullness, so we use only one of the best Czech varieties of malt, which is called Bojos. When using that malt, economic output is not a priority, but basically the quality that manifests itself favorably in the taste of our Bochkovoe “alive” beer.


The characteristic bitterness comes from famous Czech hops whose quality is appreciated all over the world. The Bochkovoe (Barrel) “alive” beer is brewed exclusively from Czech types of hops –– half ripe red variety from “Žatec” and “Premiant”. There are no chemically modified hops in our beer and absolutely no hops extract.


Beer is made by fermenting with beer yeast which is by the way also a unique source of vitamins B. To manufacture the Bochkovoe “alive” beer, we use our especially bottom-fermented beer yeast.


Our water corresponds to all European standards. Production project was launched by one of the leading and well-known throughout the world German manufacturer of water treatment plants CHRIWA GmbH. The entire process is fully automated.

The whole process is constantly supervised by German specialists through the Internet. The water is extracted from the well with a depth of 180 meters, and passes all necessary preparatory steps for brewing: multiple stages of filtration, reverse osmosis, decontamination, etc., this water is therefore ideal for manufacturing of a Czech lager.