Conscientiously and diligently
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Our Bochkovoe(Barrel) “alive” beer is a traditional Czech beer characterized by a harmonious taste. Its fullness and bitterness meets to create a perfect balance. Every sip of the Bochkovoe beer reminds you of the old times when everything was prepared properly and with care, perhaps more slowly but with the appropriate attention and under a careful supervision. Brewed just as in the old times by the famous Czech brewer Zdenek Subrt at our brewery, using a traditional recipe, tested manufacturing process and using quality Czech ingredients.

Our brewers are very careful during the ingredients selection and strictly follow the processes in each phase of the manufacturing. To create a traditional Czech lager, pillars of technological process have to be observed:

  • double mash process in brewhouse;
  • triple brewing;
  • double fermenting;
  • long settling.

The fermentation of our beer is not accelerated; it might take up to 49 days – just the right amount of time to achieve the best harmony of taste

Our beer is not diluted by water at the end of the manufacturing process. We do not use the HGB method so common these days whereby a stronger beer is made and subsequently diluted to achieve the correct volume of alcohol.

We do not offer unreasonably long lasting guarantee for our “alive” beer, that is why the beer contains more extract and we do not have to remove natural components which would degrade its taste.