Blanche Beer
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Blanche Beer
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Blanche beer, also known as witbier (white beer), originated in Belgium around 400 years ago. Initially, it was brewed by monks who later perfected the recipe. We have learned how to brew this beer style from the best brewmasters out there.
Light, pure wheat ale, a wonderful example of style, which has everything you need. The shade of the drink is light, straw-colored, shimmering. The aroma is expressive, harmonious, with notes of wheat, bread, fresh hay, citrus, honey, vanilla. The taste is rich, with a pleasant sourness and a barely noticeable hop bitterness, wheat, fruity, slightly spicy, with clove and banana shades. The aftertaste is soft, delicate, sweet.
The beer is brewed with two types of malt: Pilsner malt – traditional, slightly sweet and Wheat malt, which is made from selected spring wheat. We have used some fragrant and noble types of hops: Saaz and Tettnang. Spicy coriander and citrus peel give the beer a refined, elegant, refreshing spring bouquet.
Wheat ale is best combined with fish dishes, as well as seafood.
HOPS: Saaz, Tettnang;
MALT: Pilsner, Wheat Malt;
OTHERS – Coriander, Orange Peel

Alc. 4.5 %
22 IBU
  • glass 0,33 л
  • glass 0,5 л
  • KEG 20,0 l
  • KEG 30,0 l
  • KEG 50,0 l