Fermented kvass
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Fermented kvass
Minty Kvass

We are grateful for your choice! You have chosen a natural fermented kvass «Meatnii» prepared with the usage of just-taken leaves of mint without any powders or food additives. Since ancient times, mint has been the popular plant because of its taste and useful abilities.

Mint’s name leaves its traces in the history of Greek myth heroes. According to some legend, the governor of underground kingdom Hades fell in love with the nymph Minta. However, the jealous wife of king Persephone transformed her competitress into the grass. Enamored king still wasn’t able to free his beloved from the magic spell and gave her beautiful fresh and subtle aroma.

Enjoy the taste full of recently-cut-off peppermint! Let this amazing naturally fermented beverage become the source of vitamins in the winter and grass root of coolness in the summer!

  • pet 1,0 l
  • keg 50,0 l