Fermented kvass
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Fermented kvass
Hopped Kvass

No doubt, hop is the incredibly useful plant that possesses numerous benevolent and healing qualities. Having got relaxing and calming down effect, the hop encourages the decrease of nervous pressure, anxiety, and stress.

Fermented kvass «Hmelinoi» is being brewed only with the whole cones of hop that seems to be noble, flavored, freshly harvested and moved directly from Czech Republic. Mild and gentle beverage possesses rather pleasant hop bitterness, and pungent flower aroma. Due to an absolutely natural, grass-root fermentation, kvass is full of useful florula, as well as life-critical organic combinations. This is a truly amazing gift of nature that is the perfect way to allay the thirst!

  • Pet 1,0 l
  • Keg 50,0 l