Fermented kvass
Gingery Kvass more
Fermented kvass
Gingery Kvass

Naturally fermented kvass «IMBIRNÎI» is sweetish beverage with the original taste and aroma.

During several centuries the healing practice of different nations embraces evidence of the wonderful abilities of ginger. Since old times, ginger has been considered to be universal panacea from various poisons, having warming effect and normalizing digestion. Moreover, in China it was used as the way of memory improvement. Apart from that, it was chewed while going to the sea to avoid seasickness. In Eastern Asia ginger was used to prolong adolescence. In Indian medicine this plant is considered to be universal treatment.

The medium period between seasons may find you exhausted that’s why kvass «IMBIRNÎI» is a simple and perfect way of stabilizing your physical condition. It supports immune system and gives stamina.

  • Pet 1,0 l
  • Keg 50,0 l