Fresh Hop Lager
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Fresh Hop Lager
Beermaster Fresh hop concept

Whenever hops reach full maturity in the verdant fields, their full, ripe flowers fill the air with a sweet bouquet. Farmers must swing into action. Harvest season has hit, and sleep should be damned: it’s time to pluck the perennial plants’ fragrant flowers.
This beer was brewed with freshly picked hops from the hop harvest in Zatec (Czech Republic). The basic idea is to use these hops in the boil as soon as possible after they’re picked, using them still “wet” from the field and thus at the peak of their freshness. Because the fresh hops have a delicate, almost green character, they are best employed in lagers, which serve as a perfect podium for the bounty of the harvest.
Consider the BEERMASTER FRESH HOP CONCEPT Lager as a living the art and process of brewing and hopefully that is reflected in the beer.

Alc. 4 %
Extr. 11 %
  • PET 1,5 l
  • Keg 50,0 l