American Pale Ale
Beermaster 110 ALE MALT AND HOP more
American Pale Ale
Beermaster 110 ALE MALT AND HOP

Ale has even more ancient history than the well-known sorts of beer. «110 MALŢ şi HAMEi » is the white beer of a unique kind with intensive flavor of hop and aroma containing the beer wort extract 12% and spirit volume 4.5%.

This range of beer has got a special production technology with the usage of malt without grass plants or other sugars. This approach differs from the verily way of beer wort reception having the basis of another recovery method.

Apart from that, strong hops are added to the wort while boiled hops have to be prepared in the term up to 2 hours. It leads to slightly more intensive color and far better protein coagulation as well as brightly vibrant taste.

The beer of such a type bears a strong resemblance in a way of special yeasts usage and a bit higher temperature of fermentation. Particularly, the combination of these two factors with aromatic hops helps to create a beer with the special taste, inimitable flavor and succinous color.

Alc. 4.5 %
Extr. 12 %
  • Glass 0,5 l
  • PET 1,0 l
  • PET 50,0 l