Real Fermented Kvass
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Real Fermented Kvass
Kvass «Bochkovoi»

Real Fermented Kvass “Bochkovoi” is prepared according to traditional recipe of a live fermentation. Fermented drink – that is the most genuine kvass. It is the product of the vital activity of bread’s yeast fermentation. The Real Fermented Kvass “Bochkovoi” is made during live yeast fermentation process in just 72 hours. It contains only natural ingredients – specially treated water, rye flour, rye malt, grain, sugar, pure yeast cultures of lactic acid bacteria and bread’s yeast.

Sour sweet taste gives you a pleasant feeling and an intense aroma of freshly baked bread which is obtained using fermented rye malt wort and completes the whole bouquet of sensations of that natural refreshing drink. It’s best to quench your thirst. It gives you energy and refreshes you to the maximum. Carbonated optimally, balanced in calories and vitamins, Real Fermented Kvass “Bochkovoi” is always welcome at any time, especially in summer.

  • pet 1,5 l
  • keg 50,0 l