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Beermaster 110 ALE: when art is more important than profit

Let’s start with amazing news. We have brewed Beermaster 110 ALE using a new formula.

What’s the matter?

The reason is we set our heart upon it!

Actually, the main idea of craft beer is the creative realization of personal potential! Are you familiar with this principle?

We have doubled the intensiveness of hop by adding a bit more Citra hop while brewing. The taste of new 110 ALE impressed us so much that we have decided to change the label. Our idea is to show its craft essence, somehow.

To all intents and purposes, the brewers of Beermaster Brewery do not tackle beer as the business. Actually, we love the whole process of creating delicious product for those who are able to appreciate. It is highly likely to become an out-of-the-box kind of art.

The epoch of beer that has hidden its guises is going to the past. Currently people are eager to get more flavorful taste. The craft brewery is the self-fulfillment of creative people who are willing to make you enjoy the product, not worse than art or versification.


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the first of the best!

În anul 2016, „BEERMASTER 110 ALE” a fost nominalizat a fi cel mai bun din categoria sa (Ale Blond). Iar anul ăsta am fost declarați câștigători la două categorii din cele opt: Pale Ale (Ale Blond) cu BEERMASTER IPA și Ale brun cu Beermaster Oaked Ale.